Donor scholarships are the backbone of our AHSAA

When the alumni association was formed in 1994, it started out with zero monies, so the concept of membership dues and sponsors came into play. A regular membership was $10; a White sponsorship was $25; a Green sponsorship was $50.00; a Bronze sponsorship was $100 and a Gold sponsorship was $1000. By the spring of 1995 the group raised $7400, which included one Gold sponsor of $1000. In 1995, it was decided by the AHSAA board to change the cost of memberships to an Annual membership of $25 and a Lifetime membership of $100.

That same year the AHSAA Foundation introduced the Glen O. Ream Gym Floor Project. It took almost a year to complete. Roger Lujan '64, and an architect with UNM, designed and oversaw the construction of the board. Squares started at $25 and went up to $500. The entire free throw and jump circles sold for $2500 and $5000. It was the hope that the entire board of over 4000 squares would be sold within 5 years, however that did not happen.

The first AHSAA Scholarships were given: In 1994 two $100 savings bond were given; 1995 two $500 scholarships were given and in 1996 two $500 scholarships were given and so it went for the next three years.

In 2000, five AHS seniors received $500 scholarships. That was the year of their Millennium Celebration, which honored 300 Outstanding Graduates of the Millennium. Over 1000 alums attended four events and $20,000 was raised.

In 2001, the renovation of Old AHS began and the Commemorative Brick Garden became a reality. Carlos Salazar '59 designed and still takes care of it. The brick garden has been a tremendous fundraiser for the AHSAA. Bricks are sold for $50 each. To date close to 1600 bricks have been sold.

In 2001, five AHS seniors received $750 as well as in 2002 and 2003.

Donor scholarships were on the rise. Many class reunions donated their proceeds to the cause, setting up scholarships, many individuals honoring their loved ones set up scholarships in their memory. In 2004, nine students received scholarships; three of which were donor scholarships following the donor's criteria.

In 2005, the donor scholarships went to five; and in 2006, it was six donor scholarships. That same year Larry Olund set up a brick fund for deceased class of 1952 alums.

Because of the generosity of our wonderful donors, in the last three years, we have been able to award 123 scholarships valued at $100,000 to deserving AHS senior students while maintaining a balance in our foundation of $250,000.

Thank you to all our wonderful donors who have made our Alumni Association so successful. If you would like to setup a donor scholarship fund, as many of our alums have done, just click the button below for the application form.  

Scholarship Donation Form

Scholarship form (pdf)