Bulldogs Helping Bulldogs


Carlos Salazar '59

President Elect
Kathy Franks Finley '60

Vice President
Marci Robison Henning '59

Dolores Sandoval Algire '66

Stella Armijo Lujan '62

Members at Large
- Leon Bostick '53
- Shirley Archibeck Bostick '52
- Mary Helen Nogales Flores '59
- George Friberg '57

- Maurice (Mitch) Landavazo '74
- Bobby Santiago '59 

Old AHS Gym Bldg.


 • To foster life-long camaraderie, goodwill, communications and activities among Alumni.
• To support the restoration, historic preservation and constructive usage of Old Albuquerque High School.
• To maintain an endowment to provide educational scholarships and other forms of charitable philanthropic assistance to qualified AHS students and programs.
• To promote, enhance and preserve, for posterity, the history, traditions and legacies of Albuquerque High School and its Alumni. 

Bulldog City


 • Provide commemorative scholarships to graduating seniors.
• Establish a Hall of Honor for extraordinary achievement by AHS Alums.
• Publish an alumni communications newsletter "THE DAWG."
• Serve as a public advocacy guardian for the historic preservation of OLD AHS.
• Raise and disburse funds in support of its mission. 

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Albuquerque High School Alumni

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